We have been operating in the water bottle industry for many years and are the OEM factory of many well-known bottles. We are now vigorously developing the global market of our all-joint brand water cups. We hope to provide users all over the world with high-quality and unique design water bottles. Our product line is divided into children and adults. While paying attention to quality and safety, children water bottles highlight loveliness and simplicity in design, so that children are more willing to drink water because of our bottles to protect their health. Adult water bottles, which combines quality with trend, are not only a daily article, but also a work of art. Our selling point of bottles is unique design and gift. Our goal is to bring all-joint has become an influential trendy water bottle brand.


ALL-JOINT, The first choice of gift water bottle!

LOVELYCUP Conception and Responsibility


Use lovely design to express love for children, family and friends. Let every adult find the beauty of life in his busy life, and let every child weave his own childhood dreams.


Everyone in our team has a kind heart. Kindness is our life and work attitude. Only kindness can we sincerely serve customers and treat everyone around us with love.


Hope is the best thing in the world. We always adhere to environmentalism and leave hope to the next generation.


Health is the foundation of happiness. In terms of raw material selection, we always adhere to food grade materials, free BPA, and take care of the health of every consumer from subtle aspects.


We hope to make our oceans clearer, the sky bluer and the forest greener.

We always adhere to harmless process production and zero pollution to the surrounding environment.

We call on everyone to use more water bottles, stainless steel vacuum flasks and ceramic mugs or glass cups, and reduce the use of disposable plastic cups or paper cups, because all paper comes from trees, and the processing of paper will produce a lot of waste polluting the environment, which will cause irreversible damage to the environment.


I'm Jeff, the founder of Lovely cup. I have an eight years old boy. He has two lovely ALL-JOINT bottles, one is a water bottle and the other is a vacuum bottle.

Many years ago, my friend's six-year-old child got leukemia. I donated a lot of money to help him.

Since then, I hope that even helping a child suffering from illness is the embodiment of the value of my life.

Therefore, Lovely cup's mission is to help children who need help, especially those with leukemia and diabetes.

Therefore, we will donate part of the profits to CHINESE RED CROSS FOUNDATION every year.

LOVELY CUP Technology and Quality Control

Our factory is an ODM agent factory of many well-known brands of water bottles and vacuum flasks. It has more than 10 years of production experience in drinkware. Advanced production technology, excellent production management and perfect production process to ensure that every bottle is perfect and qualified.



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